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About Us

After many years of experience in the automotive industry Belize Traders Ltd. was founded in 1978 by Mr. Norman Shagoury who moved from Jamaica to Belize. Belize Traders Ltd. started out as a small company and was growing quite rapidly and in the need of more space. It was then when Mr. Shagoury decided to move from # 3 Central American Boulevard to #52 Central American Boulevard (our present location) in 1988, where he had erected a bigger building to suit his stock capacity. In 1989 Belize Traders Ltd. was inherited by Mr. Shagoury’s daughter (Melissa).

Melissa along with her Husband Gustavo Garcia formed sister companies Belize Signs Ltd. and Belize Building Systems Ltd. in the late 90’s, hence expanding the company not only in the automotive industry, but also in the construction, signs, agricultural and tourism Industry, with the idea of introducing new brands and services into the local and foreign markets.

 Since it started Belize Traders Ltd. has been known for the excellent quality of services offered and lowest prices in the Industry.